The TracMap GPS system is designed to increase productivity, reduce the risk of errors, and provide wireless electronic reporting of tasks that are performed in the field such as spray, harvesting and maintenance.

The flexibility of the system means it is able to be moved between vehicles such as harvester and tractor.

The success of a pilot conducted in 2012 by a large winery in New Zealand lead to 35 mechanical harvesters using TracMap’s in cab hardware & TracLink our web based job allocation system for the 2013 harvest.

A post-harvest review has resulted in all users extending their planned adoption for future spraying and other management operations, due to the significant logistical and reporting benefits they are achieving.

As a result, we are now extending our generic system to cater specifically for the viticulture industry, which will further enhance the present benefits being achieved by users.

The system addresses issues such as missed and/or incorrect rows this is achieved by displaying clearly the areas that have been travelled previously. The system allows also for capacity planning by providing live yield updates from the field.

Other applications such as variable harvesting can also be achieved by the development and uploading of prescription maps to the in cab system via TracLink.

Full reporting is also provided to assist with future decision making. Reports are configurable and display important accurate information such as distance, area, time etc.

Applicable Activities include:

·         Harvesting
·         Spraying
·         Fertilising
·         Leaf Plucking & Trimming
·         Vineyard Maintenance
·         Productivity Reporting

TracLink Harvest Report: