Great Interest at State Conventions

2 February 2012


Over January we attended a number of State conventions.  At all of them we attracted a lot of interest (and some product orders). The main factor that attracted people was how easy it is to switch to a TracMap system. 
We also took the opportunity to show of some of the features unique to TracMap, such as our exclusive Multi-baseline.  This feature means you can treat multiple fields with less turning and less total flying time. To see how it works check out this youtube video
Automatic return to last coverage, and automatic "traffic light" warning when over the top of previous coverage were also features a lot of people saw as being great features.
See TracMap for yourself at
SEAF in Savannah, 6th & 7th Feb
Heli-Expo, Dallas, 11th to 14th Feb
North Carolina AAA, 16th Feb
Canada AAA, Montreal 16th - 18th Feb
Tri-State AAA, Sioux Falls  21st - 23rd Feb