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TracMap wins prestigious NZ Aviation Industry Award

1 July 2013

TracMap was extremely proud to have received the prestigious Richard Pearse award at the NZ Aviation Industry Association Annual Conference. The award was presented to Managing Director Colin Brown at the annual awards dinner, held this year at the historic Larnach Castle in Dunedin. This award is presented annually to the company that best demonstrates "Innovative Excellence in the NZ Aviation Industry".

In receiving the award Colin Brown spoke of TracMap's success. "Our staff are passionate about what they do, they are extremely proud, the team is driven and they work together to deliver the very best. TracMap is, without a doubt, a world class GPS product, and our customers love the system”. TracMap is proud to be making a difference to New Zealand, New Zealand agriculture, and the aerial agricultural industry worldwide”.  

This award is named in honour of New Zealand’s pioneer aviator and inventor, Richard Pearse, and recognises outstanding innovation in assisting development in the aerospace sector.

Some of the innovations which resulted in TracMap winning the award include:

  • The first in the world to introduce ability to upload and download maps from Google Earth into Ag guidance systems.
  • The lightest agricultural GPS system in the world with mapping and display screen, a particularly important factor for smaller helicopters.
  • The simplest system there is for wirelessly transferring maps between ground and aircraft.
  • The simplest system there is for transferring part completed jobs to other aircraft.
  • Use of three way remote switches and editable menus, rather than touch screens, for controlling menus and applications. This provides for a more robust product as well as safer and easier use by the pilot.
  • New types of guidance options for aerial applicators (such as multi-baseline) which improve operator efficiency.
  • A completely new and novel approach to undertaking Variable Rate Prescription Map applications on hill country farm, which results in a 20% efficiency gain from fertiliser applications for farmers using the system.
  • The only system in the world that allows precise and repeatable clustering of bait applications when carrying out aerial predator control, which can reduce the amount of bait required by up to 80%.
  • The only system in the world that can be easily retro fitted into aircraft flying Search and Rescue missions over water, and typically achieves a 40% reduction in time taken to achieve a successful mission.