Senior Management


Colin Brown (B Ag Com)
Managing Director and company founder, Colin was well known and respected as one of NZ's leading agricultural and management consultants for the 20 years prior to him forming the TracMap business in 2005. Prior to that, he spent a number of years farming livestock in the South Otago area of NZ, and in 1982 he won the prestigious NZ Young Farmer competition.
As a consultant, Colin had a reputation for turning research concepts into economically successful business enterprises. Much of TracMap's growth and success to date can be attributed to the application of those same skills and expertise to growing the TracMap business.
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Grant Gibson (B.Com; CA)
Grant serves as the General Manager, and has been with TracMap for four years. Prior to this, he had 12 years in senior financial positions, including five years as Head of Finance for Westpac New Zealand bank.
Grant brings considerable expertise in financial and systems management, and also fills the role of CFO.
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Lance Nuttall
National Sales Manager. Prior to joining TracMap, Lance had developed a reputation in leading top sales teams in a number of New Zealand companies. Lance leads a highly successful agricultural sales team, and also deals with all aspects of the Viticulture market.

Wayne McKimsey (B S Aerospace Engineering)
Product Development Manager. Prior to shifting to NZ to join TracMap in 2007, Wayne was spent 15 years in software development, including Research and Development Engineer at Tennessee Technological University.

Gerald Harrex
Aviation Operations Manager. With a good understanding of agriculture from his farming background, Gerald sold out of a large auto-electrical business he had founded to join TracMap in 2006.

Dougal Brook (NZ Cert. Engineering)
Workshop and Technical Design Manager. A skilled radio and electronics engineer, Dougal spent many years as Tait Electronics senior engineer in South East Asia before joining TracMap in 2007. As well as overall supervision of the workshop, Dougal is responsible for ensuring the robust design of all TracMap hardware.