About Us 

In 2005 TracMap was created by leading agricultural consultant Colin Brown, after he identified a gap in the market for a rugged and easy to use GPS Guidance and Mapping system, specifically designed for New Zealand conditions, including both dairy farms and rolling hill country.

Before starting design of the award winning TracMap units, considerable research of users needs was undertaken. This formed the basis for a purpose built unit that would meet the needs of contractors and farmers operating in New Zealand's demanding outdoor environment.

Since installing our 1st units in Trucks in October 2006 we have quickly grown to be the largest Ag GPS provider in the country, with Truck, Tractor, Bike, Effluent Management, Live Fleet Tracking and Aviation units now on the market. Over 65% of all fertiliser applied to NZ farms is carried out using TracMap guidance and mapping systems. While accuracy in fertiliser spreading and tracking is still our core market, our customers continue to surprise us with the diversity of uses they find for TracMap units.

In more recent times we have expanded into other markets outside agriculture, and also outside NZ. It seems TracMap systems are easier to use, and more effective, than any other system available in the world for tasking and recording vehicles operations in demanding outdoor environments. Exports now make up 30 % of our sales, with that percentage growing every month.

Our ability to make operating vehicles safer, easier and more profitable has seen us become the Largest Provider of GPS Technology to the Agricultural Sector in New Zealand, Winner of the New Zealand Hi-Tech Emerging Company Award in 2010 and 50th fastest growing technology company in the Asia Pacific Region in 2009.

As the company has grown, so too has our market focus - TracMap's innovative yet simple to use GSP guidance and recording systems are now the foundation of GPS guidance systems for land, sea and air operations throughout the Emergency Services, Utilities, Agriculture, Viticulture and Aerial Agriculture industries. We have expanded rapidly with Area Managers who cover NZ, as well as dealers in USA, Australia, and other countries around the world. Our design and build approach

Because our units have to operate in the demanding agricultural environment, including the presence of corrosive fertiliser dust, and outdoors in the rain, it is important they are designed and built by people who understand the demanding conditions our TracMap units have to operate in.

We deliberately use large buttons rather than touchscreen to operate the menus. In the environments our units are used, we find touchscreens to be unreliable and prone to scratching.

All our software development is carried out in house by our own highly skilled software engineers.